Some points to consider in purchasing electric toothbrush

1. Brush head.


The electric brush heads of children and adults are different, and the appropriate brush heads are selected according to the personal usage habits, opening degree, oral size and other factors. There are also bristles on toothbrushes. Some people like to be soft and hard.


2. Vibration frequency (the number of times the toothbrush rotates per minute).


Generally speaking, the more times of rotation, the stronger the cleaning ability is. High speed electric toothbrush vibration frequency can even reach 31000 times per minute, but the price will be relatively expensive.


3. Function.


The current electric toothbrush is not only the function of cleaning teeth, but also helps to treat gingivitis, relieve gums swelling and brush the teeth. It is suggested that oral health information and other functions can be used. You can also choose whether or not these functions are required according to your personal needs.


4. Charging mode.


At present, electric toothbrush has many types, such as direct impact, battery charging, mixing, etc. Choose an electric toothbrush according to the convenience of charging in your bathroom.


5. Brand.


The electric toothbrush brands mainly include Philips, euler-b, sprouting teeth, etc., many brands. Before buying, you should make a basic understanding of each brand.