Electric toothbrush sonic and rotary which good

Acoustic toothbrush and rotary toothbrush have advantages, which one should be selected according to the actual situation. When purchasing, choose according to your own tooth condition. If the teeth are sensitive, have oral diseases or will mind using noise, it is recommended to choose sound toothbrush, and rotary electric toothbrush can be selected if they care about the cleaning effect.


1. Comparison of cleaning capacity


Acoustic < rotary


The results showed that the plaque index of the people using the rotary electric toothbrush was 1/3 lower than that of the acoustic toothbrush, and the rotating toothbrush could reduce and reduce gingival inflammation more effectively. The cleaning efficiency of the rotary toothbrush is indeed higher than that of the acoustic electric toothbrush.


2. Tooth wear comparison


Acoustic < rotary


The average wear of the rotating electric toothbrush is 4-5 times larger than that of the acoustic toothbrush. It produces very fast speed and wear on teeth is relatively large. From this point of view, choosing acoustic toothbrush is safer for our teeth, and the wear gap between acoustic toothbrush and rotary toothbrush can be seen more after a long time.



3. Comfort comparison


Acoustic > rotary


In terms of comfort, the rotary toothbrush is more dynamic and easier to cause bleeding of gums. Compared with the rotary type, the sound wave type works more gently than the rotary one. And rotating toothbrush can make noise more uncomfortable for people who are sensitive to sound, while acoustic toothbrush is quieter.


4. Principle of rotating electric toothbrush


Rotating electric toothbrush mainly uses the motor inside the toothbrush to drive the round brush head to rotate. It can enhance the friction effect of toothbrush on teeth while performing the action of ordinary toothbrush. It can be selected as high as 15000 times per minute. This brush method is more convenient to clean the hidden teeth than manual brush.


5. The principle of acoustic electric toothbrush


Ultrasonic vibration toothbrush is based on the high frequency vibration of micro motor to drive the left and right high-speed swing of the toothbrush head to clean the residual and plaque between teeth crevices. The vibration speed is 31000 times per minute, twice that of the ordinary electric toothbrush. So the acoustic electric toothbrush doesn't mean it's brushing with sound waves.