Difference between electric toothbrush and ordinary electric toothbrush

With the development of science and technology, toothbrushes are also being updated. From the manual toothbrush to the electric toothbrush, this has become an inevitable trend. What's the difference between the electric toothbrush and the ordinary toothbrush


1. Convenience


Electric toothbrush: the original intention was to design and develop for those who are inconvenient or lazy. Later, it gradually became popular. Anyone can use it. Turn on the electric toothbrush button to automatically clean the teeth, and there are multiple cleaning modes, which are very convenient.


Ordinary toothbrush: ordinary toothbrush needs to be controlled by the strength of the hand, only by feeling, and can not guarantee the actual effect of cleaning.


2. Brushing time


Ordinary toothbrush: ordinary toothbrush can't control the time of brushing teeth well. If the time is not well controlled, it may lead to incomplete brushing and waste of time.


Electric toothbrush: electric toothbrush is generally 2 minutes intelligent timing, 30 seconds zone change reminder, can more efficient cleaning teeth.


3. Cleaning efficiency


Electric toothbrush: the vibration frequency of electric toothbrush is relatively high, and there are a variety of cleaning modes, such as cleaning mode, gargling mode, whitening mode, nursing mode and sensitive mode, which can effectively remove teeth and make teeth more whitening.


Ordinary toothbrush: the movement direction of the brush head of ordinary toothbrush is determined by the user. Some of the more hidden crevices can not be well cleaned by hand.


4. Cost comparison


Ordinary toothbrush: ordinary toothbrush price is cheaper, cheap toothbrush as long as a few yuan, good ordinary toothbrush in more than 15 yuan.


Electric toothbrush: the price of this kind of toothbrush is very expensive. The cheapest one should be more than 100, and the expensive one can be more than 1000. The price is not the same as the ordinary one.


Electric toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush which good


If possible, electric toothbrush is recommended. Because the electric toothbrush is cleaner, the service life of toothbrush is longer, and the handle is better, please move for your health.